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Everyone, welcome to anohi! I decided to create this community to gather my subs and translations. The entries are locked and only members can view them. Please read the rules and then apply for membership.

Community's masterpost can be found below, after the rules and how to join instructions.


- Don't share/repost the subs, translations and links outside of this community.
- Don't upload on streaming sites.
- Don't claim the works as yours.
- Don't retranslate without my permission.
- Don't link this community publicly. If you want to link back someone, tell them to search on the internet for the comm or send them the link through DM.
- Please notice that I'm no subbing team and I mainly translate as practice (since I study Japanese), so I don't take requests or the like.

How to Join:

- Only livejournal users can apply.
- Comment on this post saying a bit about yourself (can be as short as nickname and favourite member ^^). Also, since I like sweets to the moon and back just as our lovely Sweets Club, tell me your favourite sweet (if you don't like them, then food in general is fine!). All comments are screened.
- Hit the join button.
- Please notice that if you hit the join button without commenting, I'll reject your request.

Hope you enjoy your stay! ^^


Black Pean promo appearances [June 2018]
#01 Arashi ni Shiyagare - Kakurega Arashi's cut [2019.12.14]
#02 Nino-san [2018.09.30]
#03 Nino-san [2018.10.07]
#04 Aiba Manabu [2018.05.06]
#05 Arashi ni Shiyagare - Kakurega Arashi's cut [2020.06.06] + JCB, Nisshin Oilio, Pazudora CMs Making 2020
#06 Hidamari no Kanojo [Making Of]
#07 Arashi ni Shiyagare [2020.08.15]
#08 Aiba Manabu [2020.10.11]
#09 Music Station Pre-Show Comments [2020]

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